When I grow up I want to be a tree.


Trees, simply, grow.

Trees live up to their potential. Everyday. They fully expand and become all they were created to be. Because trees never work against themselves. The don’t fill themselves with doubt or question their worthiness. They don’t complain about the quality of the soil they’re planted in. They don’t stress wondering what will happen if there isn’t as much rain as last year. Trees never look at other trees with jealousy or envy, the short trees never wishing they were taller, the wide-trunked trees never wishing they were thinner.

Trees never work against themselves.

In life the thing that most holds us back from fully realizing our greatest potential is the tendency to work against ourself. We work against ourself when we consistently whisper any negative and self-defeating words into our own ears. And we probably don’t even notice we’re doing it.

When we question our worthiness and doubt our abilities we are working against ourself. We we let the adverse opinions of others impact the opinions we have of ourself we are working against ourself. When we look fearfully into the future we are working against ourself. Thoughts of jealousy and envy further add to the chorus of those voices in our head reminding us of our self-inflicted misery.

The Universe we all share responds proportionally, perpetuating anything you give to it. Bring it your fears and you’ll have more to be afraid of. Beautiful things happen, though, when you stop working against yourself and trust the Universe with your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Trees live as they were intended to live – abundantly expansive. We are intended to live the exact same way. But when your focus is on what you think is missing in your life you’ll never give yourself the opportunity to become all you’ve been created to become.

Listen to those voices in your head. What do they habitually say when things don’t work out the way you had hoped? Do they remind you how you honestly didn’t expect them to work out with defeatist comments like “that’s just my luck” or “that always happens to me”?

If trees thought those thoughts they’d never grow.

And neither will you.

Unlike trees, we do get to choose our thoughts and what we think is the most accurate indicator of what we will allow ourself to become. We can choose to see either abundance or lack in the world around us and the world within us.

Think like a tree.

It’s a great day to be you!

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