Because you possess the ultimate superpower.

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes but for the most part superheroes are defined by their unique superpowers. Some of us mortals, too, can be defined by our own unique power, a power which keeps us from being anything but super:

The power to see what’s missing.

What do you see when you look at your life? Is your first response to be grateful for all the blessings you already have in your life or do you only see what’s you think is missing from it?

I’ve had my own challenges in this area. I’ve let my tendency to see what I thought was missing prevent me from enjoying what I already had, wasting life’s precious moments because the moments weren’t as perfect as I thought they needed to be.

It’s not a fun way to live. Because once you start seeing flaws in your own life you start seeing them in everyone and everything else, too.

Seeing only what’s missing adversely degrades what you expect in life. You’re not surprised when things don’t work out in your favor because, quite honestly, you didn’t really expect them to.

Negativity perpetuates negativity. Life becomes a chaotic vortex of misery and at some point you’ll be looking for a superhero of your own to rescue you.

The only superhero who can save you is you.

Your eyes which can only see what is missing can be refocused to see all that you already have. It sounds impossibly simplistic, but changing your perspective changes your life. Especially when you change your perspective about yourself.

If you are one who tends to see only what’s missing in your life, I’d like to challenge you to take a fresh look at it. Spend some time looking at the blessings you have been overlooking. There are far more than you realize, all around you, including the blessing of yourself.

In many ways you possess the ultimate superpower. You have the power to shape your own vision of your world and what your place will be in it. You get to decide if you’ll celebrate all that you already have in life and partake in the peace and joy which come with it or if you’ll lament in the anger and emptiness of what you choose to see is missing from it.

Perhaps the only thing really missing from your life is your ability to see that nothing is?

Life is far more beautiful when you focus on the roses and not the thorns.

It’s a great day to be you!

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