“Dude…they look weird!”

On a recent trip to Whole Foods I was intrigued by the conflicting comments of two young teens. They had just stopped to look at a display of heirloom tomatoes. One offered his “they look weird” opinion while the other thought they looked “pretty cool”. Funny how two people can look at the exact same tomatoes and see two completely different things.

Which made me wonder…Is there a correlation between what you see when you look at heirloom tomatoes and how you see yourself?

Heirloom tomatoes look dramatically different than what we’ve come to know as traditional tomatoes. Traditional tomatoes are engineered for consistency of size, shape, color, and texture, mass produced to meet the needs of millions. Heirlooms are far more individually unique, no two exactly the same in size, shape, and color, simply “engineered” to taste like tomatoes are supposed to taste.


When I looked into the same bin of heirloom tomatoes I was struck by their diversity. I guess I, too, had initially thought they were just weird looking. But the diverse composition of these tomatoes reminded me of the diversity of humanity. Because like heirloom tomatoes none of us is exactly the same. Each of us is individually unique in our own size, shape, and color, individually unique in terms of the talents, gifts, and abilities we’ve each been given. Each of us is perfectly beautiful, fully worthy to be celebrated for who we already are.

Especially by ourselves.

Our world seems to encourage conformity. Many of us willingly seek such conformity for our own self. Sometimes it just feels safer to fit in than it does to stand out. But how much of your uniqueness are you willing to give up in order to fit in and be just like every other tomato wrapped in a cellophane package?

Striving to fit in is a sign we have yet to accept the fact we are perfect just the way we already are. And that’s often difficult to do in a world which is constantly trying to convince you you’re not. Each of us, though, is genetically and spiritually unique, an extension of the Perfection which created us. Exactly the way we already are. When you see yourself through God’s eyes you’ll see no reason to ever feel the need to be anyone other than who you already are.

There is a peace and freedom which only come from self-acceptance. No longer are you concerned with the often-misinformed opinions of others. Your focus is upon the talents and gifts only you can offer to this world and too busy doing all you can to fully express them. The key to such peace and freedom lies in your willingness to trust in your own perfection.

Challenge yourself to boldly accept what God has already boldly created.


It’s a great day to be you!

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