Hey… I’m Peter.


I believe in your capacity for greatness, and mine as well. We weren’t created to be average or mediocre. We are designed to realize the greatness that lies within all of us. In a world of excessive negativity, fear and uncertainty sometimes causes us to question exactly who and what we are. My hope is to remind you – and myself – of our greatness, and hope you’ll then inspire others to do the same.

Professionally I have been involved in sales, training, and marketing over the past three decades. I have enjoyed a great deal of material success, and know what it’s like to mistakenly associate material success with happiness and self-worth. I also know what it’s like to convince yourself that you’re really not as good as you are on paper, know what it is like to be your own worst enemy, and what it’s like to pop your own balloon and bring yourself crashing back down to Earth. But I also know that real happiness can happen by simply changing your own self paradigm and realigning yourself with your own innate greatness.

I’m not here to “motivate” anyone…true motivation must come from within. But I hope to challenge you to appreciate all it is you already are and capable of becoming, and hopefully inspiring you to achieve it.

My path has taken me in many directions, and I’ve learned many lessons the hard way. Much of my writing is really nothing more than a conversation with myself. I find I often write what it is I need to hear to get me back on my own track. Perhaps my experiences shared through my posts will resonate with you as well, or at least give you something to think about.

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It’s a great day to be you!


Peter Mis