What if you just decided to be happy, right now, for no particular reason?

Certain things make us happy. That usually happens when the outside world meets or exceeds our expectations. Then we allow ourselves to be happy. Happiness becomes the result when our terms and conditions are met.

But what happens when the world around us lets us down?

Think about how a rainy day off from work makes you feel. We establish our expectations for what a “perfect” day off should be, and then the rain ruins everything. Our expectations are not met and our disappointment undermines our ability to be happy.

Why do we place so much of our capacity for happiness into the hands of the outside world of which we have zero control over?

Happiness shouldn’t be a result contingent upon the outside world acting in accordance with how we think it should be acting. Happiness is a decision, a foundation to build all the moments of your life upon, independent of the uncontrollable outside forces around you.

Happiness as a decision may seem like a radical concept. After all, our entire culture has created a correlation between what you have and what makes you happy. But true happiness is never something you have. It’s something that you are.


The idea of unconditional happiness is anything but radical. It’s simply about looking inside yourself and appreciating all that you already are. With that comes a quiet contentment, a humbling reverence for all the great things already around you and within you. It’s the foundation for loving and accepting yourself unconditionally, the cornerstone of human happiness.

Where does your happiness come from?

Look at yourself, the real version of you. Take inventory of all the greatness within you…your talents, gifts, and abilities. Rediscovering and accepting the Gift of You reframes happiness as something which already resides within you and not something waiting to happen to you. You can keep looking, but real happiness is always found within.

Don’t wait for the world to make you happy.

It’s a great day to be you!

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