Have you ever known the answer, yet remained obsessed with the question?

Getting ready for a recent cross-country flight, my preparations included making sure I’d be entertained as I was to spend several hours miles above the clouds. Usually I’ll find something to read or listen to in the area of spiritual or personal growth. As I looked around my extensive collection of books and scanned my Audible app and my downloaded iTunes podcasts I realized that maybe I didn’t need to acquire more knowledge about becoming all I was created to become.

Maybe I just needed to start.

There’s a level of comfort when you are gathering knowledge. Because when you’re still in the data collection stage it’s perfectly OK not to start. After all, you can’t be expected to paint the kitchen until you’ve bought the paint, and you can’t buy the paint until you’ve picked the color. But once you acquire all you need to get started, the responsibility is now on you to make it happen. Sometimes it’s our fear of change which keeps us in the looking stage for far longer than we ever need to be.

Fear usually shows up in the form of doubt, when we question our worthiness and abilities. While a good portion of us may want to grow and change, a small yet rather convincing voice “rationalizes” why it’s best to keep looking instead of starting. That little voice knows how to reinforce the comfortably familiar limiting beliefs we’ve come to accept about our self. Better to spend the time clarifying and refining the vision instead of actually starting, it would argue. After all, you’re never going to fail if you never start.

We all know what we really want our lives to be like. We are given our dreams because our dreams are supposed to come true. But the answer to having those dreams come true isn’t in getting a new planner, or buying the trendy cookbook, or waiting for the new infomercial promoting the latest exercise craze to appear on TV. Not at all. We are already highly qualified and divinely justified in becoming that which we were created to become.

The answer is starting.

Right now.

And I’m not talking about painting your kitchen.

Your life, the life of your dreams, is simply waiting for you to start.

It’s a great day to be you!

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