Maybe You Just Need To Start?

Maybe You Just Need To Start?

Have you ever known the answer, yet remained obsessed with the question?

Getting ready for a recent cross-country flight, my preparations included making sure I’d be entertained as I was to spend several hours miles above the clouds. Usually I’ll find something to read or listen to in the area of spiritual or personal growth. As I looked around my extensive collection of books and scanned my Audible app and my downloaded iTunes podcasts I realized that maybe I didn’t need to acquire more knowledge about becoming all I was created to become.

Maybe I just needed to start.

There’s a level of comfort when you are gathering knowledge. Because when you’re still in the data collection stage it’s perfectly OK not to start. After all, you can’t be expected to paint the Continue reading “Maybe You Just Need To Start?”

Prince, Green Beans, and the Breeding Ground of Misery

Prince, Green Beans, and the Breeding Ground of Misery

“Comparison is an act of violence against the self.” – Iyanla Vanzant

In the wake of Prince’s passing the radio was filled with his music. While I was listening to an online radio station, the host was mentioning how great Prince was as a composer, musician, and a performance artist. As the host continued he felt the need to introduce one additional element into the conversation…


Perhaps it was the combination of the host’s love for Prince and the still-fresh news of his death, but the conversation went from how great Prince was to a conversation about how much greater Prince was as compared to others. Actually, it wasn’t a conversation. It felt more like a sermon…the host speaking with Biblical certainty as he told the world how much greater Continue reading “Prince, Green Beans, and the Breeding Ground of Misery”

Your Elbows Have A Lot To Teach You About Peace And Happiness

I have found your peace and happiness. It’s located where you’ve probably never considered looking.

It’s found between your shoulders and your wrists.

That’s right. Your elbows.

Think for just a moment about your elbows. Your elbows play a rather important role in your ability to do many things in your life. For example, elbows make it possible for you to feed yourself. Just for fun, the next time you’re eating something, place your fork in your hand and extend your arm straight. Now try placing the fork into your mouth.

See what I mean?

Without elbows, your functionality and independence are greatly compromised. Spend a few minutes going through your day without Continue reading “Your Elbows Have A Lot To Teach You About Peace And Happiness”