Your Elbows Have A Lot To Teach You About Peace And Happiness

I have found your peace and happiness. It’s located where you’ve probably never considered looking.

It’s found between your shoulders and your wrists.

That’s right. Your elbows.

Think for just a moment about your elbows. Your elbows play a rather important role in your ability to do many things in your life. For example, elbows make it possible for you to feed yourself. Just for fun, the next time you’re eating something, place your fork in your hand and extend your arm straight. Now try placing the fork into your mouth.

See what I mean?

Without elbows, your functionality and independence are greatly compromised. Spend a few minutes going through your day without bending your arms and you’ll come to appreciate what your elbows do for you. Yet no one ever takes the time to appreciate their elbows. We simply take elbows for granted, never seeing them as the gifts they really are.

What else in our lives are we taking for granted, never giving a second thought to because we never even give it a first thought?

We are all surrounded with immeasurable blessings in our lives. The people, the moments, the love, the opportunities, the abundance, the talents, the freedom. Yet how many of these blessings – elbows included – do we take for granted? How often do we take a few moments to reflect and see these blessing as true blessings, to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, to celebrate the magnificence of what already is?

When we can cultivate the mindset to appreciate the divinity in who we already are and for all we already have we are standing on the threshold of our greatest peace. And when we are at peace with the world within us, we can then be at peace with the world around us.

Amazing what you can learn from your elbows, isn’t it?

It’s a great day to be you!

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