Why Every Day Is Easter

Rebirth and renewal.

I’ve heard these two words quite often during the weeks preceding the Easter holiday. As I pause and think about Easter’s significance, I find myself asking if Easter is really a holiday. I mean, how can the magnitude of Easter’s message and promise be relegated to just one day of the year?

My conclusion? Easter can’t be confined to just one day. Every day is Easter.

Now I’m not trying to re-write any religious teachings or modify any religious calendars. My point is the opportunity for our own individual rebirth and renewal is available to us every day of the year.

Sometimes we get to a place where we decide to hit the reset button on our lives, when we get to that point when it’s time to get up off the floor or it’s time to start walking in a different direction. This is when we’ve finally embraced the decision to begin a personal journey to becoming who it is we want to become.

DON’T WAIT On many occasions, our new journey coincides with important days of the year such as New Year’s Day or our next birthday, the two classic life reset dates. New Year’s Day and birthdays are great starting lines to begin any journey we feel we’d like to begin. But we don’t need to wait for a certain date in order to begin moving ahead towards where it is we’d like to be in our lives.

While waiting implies that we’ve committed to the process, waiting allows us to continue standing in the shadows of who it is we wish to become. Even with our commitment, without movement we’re still standing in the exact spot we’ve decided to move away from. We are no closer to becoming that which we hope to become.

Why would we want to put off becoming all it is we’d like to become?

NO BETTER TIME Our own rebirth and renewal are available to us whenever we’d like. Regardless of circumstance, every day can be your reset day, your fresh start, your new beginning. Every day presents the opportunity to return again to who you already are.

So where are you in your own life? What is it you wish to overcome and rise above? Who is it you’ve always wanted to become? Are you ready to be guided by those mysterious soulful voices tugging at your heart as they whisper in your ear?

Is there a better time than now to embrace your own renewal, to rediscover your own true divinity?

This is your moment.

It’s a great day to be you!

2 thoughts on “Why Every Day Is Easter

  1. Peter,

    Easter has always been my favorite holiday for these reasons. Rebirth, renewal, new life, new chance and opportunity.. I love the time of year when Easter comes around and everything in nature is coming back into life again from its long winter slumber. It energizes my spirit and, I think, really pushes me to re-engage in my work and dreams with a renewed vigor. Thanks for the reminder!



    1. Dave,

      Thanks for posting your comments. I’ve come to adopt Easter as a mindset for the very reasons you’ve listed. The key, for me, is to remind myself of Easter’s promise throught the year when the holiday is not there to remind me. I appreciate your contribution!



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