Why Is My New BFF

Is fear the answer to your life’s most important question?

On the way home from school the other day my daughter and I were discussing the first day of spring. Inquisitively as kids often are I was asked to explain where the seasons come from. Ill prepared for a science lesson, I ended up citing the rotation of the Earth as the reason we have seasons. Which lead to the follow up question asking why the Earth rotates, to which I responded “God made it that way”. Which lead to her predictable response:


“Why?” has become an important question for me. Why? This older, more reflective version of me is on a quest of evaluating many areas of my life. I am asking how it is I go about my days. I am looking at how I spend the most precious of gifts – time.

Asking “why” has been a great tool for uncovering my true motivation in life. Why do I do the things I do? When we understand our true motivation only then are we able to make any lasting, impactful changes in our life.

BRUTALLY HONEST I’ve begun many diet and exercise programs. God only knows how much weight I’ve gained and lost over the years. I’ve had brilliant moments in my professional career in which I’ve far exceeded expectations and moments where I’ve systematically allowed myself to crash back down to Earth. Why would I not be able to sustain my success and reach my target?

I’ve had some very difficult conversations with myself. Brutally honest, in fact. In life we often tell ourselves exactly what we want to hear. It is rather difficult to ask yourself “why?” and then challenge the answers you give yourself. Asking “why?” can reveal some of the lies we often tell ourselves about ourselves.

I work hard. Real hard. But why?  Do I work hard because I see each opportunity as a chance for me to flourish and take a few steps closer to becoming all I was created to be?  Or is my motivation fear/scarcity/limitation based? Am I waiting for good opportunities to dry up so I must hoard as much success as I can before it inevitably goes away?

MOTHER No one wants to admit to themselves that fear has been the dominate answer to their “why?”. But for so many, fear is exactly what holds them back. Fear is the mother of all personal limitations we place upon ourselves. If fear is your dominate answer, it’s time to ask “why?” again. But until we are honest with ourselves and discover our true motivation we will never allow ourselves to move forward.

My own honest answers have helped me move past the emotional and psychological barriers I’ve created for myself. I look back at certain times and events in my life where I wish this version of me could been the one who showed up. But I can’t do anything about yesterday. All I really have is today.

What is your truth about you? What is your reason “why”? It’s a conversation worth having with yourself.

It’s a great day to be you!

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