The Surprising Benefits of Thinking Like A Tree

The Surprising Benefits of Thinking Like A Tree

When I grow up I want to be a tree.


Trees, simply, grow.

Trees live up to their potential. Everyday. They fully expand and become all they were created to be. Because trees never work against themselves. The don’t fill themselves with doubt or question their worthiness. They don’t complain about the quality of the soil they’re planted in. They don’t stress wondering what will happen if there isn’t as much rain as last year. Trees never look at other trees with jealousy or envy, the short trees never wishing they were taller, the wide-trunked trees never wishing they were thinner.

Trees never work against themselves.

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The Honesty of November

What can a month teach you?

There’s a small window of time each year that I quietly look forward to. It’s the time when gone are the spectacular fireworks of the fall foliage, when the last leaves on the oaks and maples have finally found their way to the ground below. The bitter cold of winter’s chill has yet to arrive, but we are reminded that it is on its way.


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A New Found Appreciation for Trees

You can learn a lot from a tree.

As children, we excitedly spoke of what we’d like to be when we grew up.  Doctors, firefighters, baseball players, teachers.  I don’t recall anyone ever saying that they’d like to be a tree.

I can honestly state that I never wanted to become a tree.  Even today I have no desire to radically transform myself into trunk and branch.  Even if I did want to, I’m not quite sure how I would even go about it.  Trees have many great characteristics that we’d all love to possess.  They are tall, strong, self reliant, patient, and can weather the extreme changes of seasons.  The thing that inspires me about trees, though, is their attitude.

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