A New Found Appreciation for Trees

You can learn a lot from a tree.

As children, we excitedly spoke of what we’d like to be when we grew up.  Doctors, firefighters, baseball players, teachers.  I don’t recall anyone ever saying that they’d like to be a tree.

I can honestly state that I never wanted to become a tree.  Even today I have no desire to radically transform myself into trunk and branch.  Even if I did want to, I’m not quite sure how I would even go about it.  Trees have many great characteristics that we’d all love to possess.  They are tall, strong, self reliant, patient, and can weather the extreme changes of seasons.  The thing that inspires me about trees, though, is their attitude.

Trees allow themselves to simply be what they are.  Trees are never jealous of the other trees because they are taller, or bear more fruit, or have bigger leaves.  Trees never get stressed out by worrying what the other trees may think about them.  Trees never question who they are, or what their purpose on this earth is.  They just are what they are.  I don’t recall ever seeing a Red Oak on Dr Phil lamenting its lot in life, or seeing a Blue Spruce on prozac.  Ever hear an apple tree call in to a talk radio show and questioning its worthiness to produce beautiful apples?  Trees allow themselves to simply be what they are.

BE YOUR OWN TREE Living Half Full means allowing yourself to simply be what you are.  To be your own tree.  To grow and to flourish, to bear all the fruit that you were designed to bear.  Never questioning your ability or worthiness.  To be content and to appreciate your own majestic beauty as you allow yourself to simply be what you are.

It’s a great day to be you!

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