His fingers were so numb from the bitter cold that he could barely even hold the match to light the fire which would soon keep him warm. Eventually the match ignited and the fire was born.

One thing about fires, though. They need to be fed. They simply don’t last simply because you’ve started one. Kinda like the fires we start in life. Fires of desire. Unless we feed them continuously they eventually go out.

New Year’s Day is perhaps the most prolific day to start fires. Fires of desire, that is. All these resolutions and hopes and dreams we decide to bring to life.  Yes, we may start such fires but how often do those fires of what we desire simply burn themselves out? Intentions create the initial spark, but without the real commitment the flames will soon be extinguished, starved of the fuel needed to maintain them. Good intentions alone are never good enough.

I’ve certainly started my fair share of fires. A great many of them have met an early demise. Simply because I never fed them. And I never really fed them because I rationalized I must have never wanted them bad enough. But the more accurate reason why many of the fires never got fed was because somewhere inside I never felt I was supposed to have the things I wanted for myself.

Sometimes we really do want what we say we want, but on some level we just don’t feel we are worthy to attain it. Our embedded vision of who we think we are often won’t let us become anything more than that which we already are. We recognize our own unworthiness to be warm so we revert to the familiar cold space we feel we are supposed to permanently inhabit.

No matter how well we can rationalize our reasons for wanting what we want, nothing will ever become our reality if we don’t believe we are supposed to have it.

Our deep desires are within us for one purpose. Because we are supposed to bring them to life, to make them come true. That’s why we’ve been given them in the first place. Each of us holds an important piece of the Universe within us, and we are the only ones would can bring the unique talents, gifts, and abilities we possess into the world, a world in need of what only we can bring into it. And until we accept the worthiness of our Divine gifts we will never fully express them.

None of us were born with limitations. But over the years we tend to collect some on the way, little emotional souvenirs to remind us of where we have been and what’s not possible for us. So we live the smaller version of who we were designed to be. Because that’s all we’ve allowed ourselves to believe was really possible for us.

The truth is we are only limited by the limiting thoughts we are willing to accept for ourselves. And since we are ones deciding what our limitations are, we are free to challenge the very thinking which is holding us back, from becoming all we were intended to become. While our self-imposed limitations may have always been with us to this point in our lives, we don’t have to take them with us into the future.

So, listen. Closely. What do you say to yourself when you boldly talk of moving forward in life? Is that voice you hear a voice of empowerment, a source of fuel to feed the fires of your desires? Or is that voice simply trying to convince you that you should just play safe and play small, because you’re “supposed” to stay where you already are?

If you’re inclined to make resolutions at the start of this new year, remember the most important resolution you can ever make is to accept your worthiness to become all you know you were created to become.

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