“Large iced coffee, decaf, black, extra ice please.”

“That will be $1,011.05. Please drive up.”

The morning drive-thru dialog between me and the faceless through-the-speaker voice of the server at Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s the morning ritual, the accidental habit with a $2.77 cost per day. Fiscally insignificant on a daily basis. But when you repeat a fiscally insignificant transaction 365 days a year the dollars do add up.

$1,011.05 in this case.

This isn’t a post about frugality. It’s about becoming aware of how significant the seemingly insignificant actually is. And with our awareness comes our opportunity to make subtle, relatively insignificant changes which have the possibility of creating significant impacts upon the quality of our life.

YOU, THE CONQUEROR New Year’s is always a time when we focus on the changes we’d like to make in our life. We greet the new year with big, bold resolutions and pronouncements, blowing up all we believe to be wrong in our world to make way for the new and improved version of ourselves. And for a few weeks we enthusiastically move forward until we look up and are overwhelmed by the size of the mountain we’ve set out to conquer.

Conquering mountains, like that journey of a thousand miles, always begins with a single relatively insignificant step. But that initial seemingly insignificant step, with repetition, will get us to the top of any mountain standing before us.

Success in life, however you chose to define it, is incremental. And so are peace, health, and happiness. It’s the subtle changes in habit and thought which create the most significant impact in our world. It could be that little change in deciding to see this very moment as a blessing. It could be that little change in deciding to see yourself worthy of the gifts of your own divinity. It could be that little change in the voices in your head reminding you of your inherent beauty, created in the image of your Creator, perfect as you already are.

Or it could be simply deciding to make your morning coffee at home.

At this very moment, what is one small change you can make in your life to get you one step closer to becoming all you were created to become?

It’s a great day to be you!

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