My seven year old daughter announced this week she is writing a book! It’s a story of a princess and her shadow. She’s also said something about aliens as well. So far we’ve seen two pages and have no idea of how many more we should be expecting.

Why is she writing a book? Because she wants to. And because no one told her she couldn’t.

Especially herself.

Once again the actions of an innocent child remind me of a lesson I somehow keep needing to learn. Once again, I am reminded about limitations, primarily the ones we consciously and unconsciously establish for ourselves.

My daughter’s book is another example of her willingness to simply express what is inside her. Her decision to create isn’t contingent upon any results she needs to see from this project. Actually, there are no contingencies at all. No parameters, no metrics. Just a desire to creatively express what something inside of her is telling her should be expressed.

When I was seven I lived in that same world, the world of possibility. I was still pliable, still open to what could be. Life, if you’re not careful, has a way of sometimes sucking what’s possible out of you. As we get older and supposedly wiser we often let life dictate a much narrower scope of what we believe to be possible for us. With these limitations of what’s possible come the limitations of what we’ve allowed ourselves to accomplish in life. By extension, we’ve also rationalized the limitations of what we’ll allow ourselves to accomplish in the future.

RISING UP I’m at that surreal place in my life where I know I’ve had more birthdays than I’m going to have. As I look to my future I also take an introspective look at my past and see how the stories I’ve told myself over the years have often worked against me by reinforcing the doubts, uncertainties, fears and limitations I’ve somehow acquired over the years.

I also now see my doubts, uncertainties, fears, and limitations as products of my own psychological manufacture, inconsistent with the divinity of my own creation. My greatest periods of self-inflicted limitation have always paralleled the periods when I’ve estranged myself from God, allowing fear to rise up and fill the void.

We all share equally in the infinite abundance of God’s universe. By reclaiming our divinity, that sacred place where we are in harmonious alignment with God, we are empowered to remove any of the limiting thoughts which have not allowed us to more fully express the myriad of talents, gifts, and abilities endowed to us upon our very creation.

Faith and fear can’t coexist. Which one will you choose?

Embrace your greatest possibility.

It’s a great day to be you!

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