Giving Thanks For The Things That Piss Me Off

Thank you, you idiot driver, for driving too slow in the high-speed lane and making me late. Thank you, you inconsiderate grocery shopper, for dumping 20 items on the conveyor belt of the 12-items-or-less express register aisle.

Thank you. For pissing me off.

I’ve come to appreciate such moments, the moments when I am in emotional overdrive with everyone and everything getting under my skin. Why? Because I’ve learned my reaction to the world in front of me says so much about the world inside of me. When my responses are laced with rage and anger and my thoughts and words become confrontational and judgmental, it tells me that real problem here is more about me than with the ones who have managed to push my buttons.

I tell my kids life usually never goes as planned and when it doesn’t what you do next is the important thing. Sometimes I need to take my own advice. Life so often is a test, those moments when life squeezes you from behind like an unexpected Heimlich. We can respond with anger and rage. We can switch into victim mode, easily justified if we allow ourselves that option. Usually, though, its the same test over and over, and we will keep being tested until we master a different response, a response of a higher energy aligned with our deepest spiritual self.

PEACE & WISDOM I’ve gotten quite good at becoming my own witness, of stepping outside of myself and monitoring where I am emotionally. Where I am emotionally tells me where I am spiritually. When my response to the world is one of peace, patience, understanding and hope I know I am more closely aligned with the Source of my creation. It is this version of me who is a better father, husband, son, brother and friend. When my response is venomous and hostile I know I have distanced myself from my divinity and the peace and wisdom inherent within that divinity.

Realignment is always the pathway to peace.

Be thankful for the idiot drivers and inconsiderate grocery shoppers you encounter. They are unsuspecting teachers with valuable lessons to teach you.

About yourself.

It’s a great day to be you!

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