The Inheritance of Expectations

So, what are you doing with your inheritance?

When we think of inheritance we tend to think of it in financial terms, money or property passed down from one generation to the next. Some of us may receive such a windfall, and others may never see a dime. All of us, though, will inherit something far greater than money, something which will more greatly impact the direction of our life.


Life tends to give us what we expect to get from it and our expectations usually never let us down. No one has a crystal ball, but our expectations really do serve as our coming attractions for where our life will probably end up going.

But where do our expectations come from? We don’t come into this world with any, but during our formative years we unknowingly collect both conscious and unconscious data which will greatly influence where we will allow ourselves to go in this world. Many times it is a parent who greatly impact what we believe to be possible for us in life. Overall, our environment and what we hear, see, and experience teaches us how we’ll respond when we are challenged by life.

SECOND HAND SMOKE Growing up, my world was a blend of the fresh air of optimism heavily tainted by the second-hand smoke of pessimism and doubt. A rather complex and contradictory space with subtle traces of uncertainty and scarcity dominating the air in the room.

As exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke impacts your physical well being, so, too, does long term exposure to subtle hints of doubt and negativity impact your psychological well being. And for me it often did, as material and professional success usually came with questions of worthiness, as my success was inconsistent with the expectations I had accepted for myself.

The good news about any limiting expectations we may have collected over the years? We are always free to change them.

INFINITE My success in changing my expectations was based on my finally accepting the simple premise that this world is a world of infinite abundance and opportunity equally available to all. The only barrier to overcome is believing it’s available to you. Since this is a barrier we’ve built for ourselves, we are in prime position to remove it, allowing the infinite flow of the universal abundance to wash over all of us. Including you.

In God’s eyes, all are worthy to share equally in the blessings of His universe. This paradigm shift became my new expectation. It changed everything for me.

So, what’s holding you back? What expectations were passed on to you keeping you from becoming all you were created to be? What expectations were imposed on you which are not aligned with who it is you know you want to be?

Your greatest dream for you is waiting for you to make it come true. The only thing standing in your way is the limited expectations you’ve collected along the way, limitations which you are free to discard in order for you to begin moving towards what you were created to become.

What are you expecting?

It’s a great day to be you!

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