For the world to change. For the right time. For someone to share the experience with.

Waiting for what is to be something other than it actually was.

I was an experienced waiter. Over the decades I could find a great many reasons why waiting was better than actually doing. My ever-expanding list of things I told myself I wanted to experience was, well, ever expanding. Talking about climbing a mountain was always easier than actually doing so. Especially when you’re quite adept at “justifying” your own personal stagnation.

“Someday” became quite comfortable.

At some point I grew tired of my own BS. I grew tired of my own voice telling me “someday”. I finally challenged myself to either put up or shut up. Either start doing the things you claim you want to do, or just burn the damned bucket list and get on with your stagnant life.

Holding yourself accountable isn’t always comfortable, but it’s a conversation which will greatly impact the most important relationship of your life.

The one with you.

It’s far more fulfilling to climb a mountain than to simply keep talking about it. It’s a much better view from the top.

It’s a much better view of yourself.

Perhaps there is no right time to do anything.

But is there ever a right time to not live the life you’ve been created to live?

Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash

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