I didn’t expect to see them. It’s 14 degrees, snow is in the forecast and there they were.


Flowers and veggies.

I’m not sure if Home Depot knows it’s still very much winter, but apparently in their mind it’s already spring. Right next to the seasonally correct collection of snow shovels and ice melt, little reminders of spring are slowly creeping in. Even if it’s 14 degrees outside.

And it’s not just the seeds. It’s all the other stuff seeds need in order to grow and flourish. Fertilizers, weed killers, hoses, sprinklers, rakes, landscape fabric. It’s amazing what actually goes into optimizing a garden.

Great gardens just don’t happen. They need to be fed and watered and cared for in order to optimize their growth and yield. And how well they are cared for determines how well they will perform.

Kind of how life works as well, isn’t it?

Think about what we feed ourselves. Are we feeding ourselves the proper amount of nutrients we need to optimize our own growth and yield? It’s not just the food we consume. Are we feeding ourselves the positive thoughts and expectations we need in order to grow big? Or are we feeding ourselves doubt, fear, and other toxic thoughts which will prevent us from fully blooming? Are the people we spend the most time with nurturing our growth or are they simply human weeds of negativity draining our good energy away and replacing it with their bad? Even the entertainment we consume. Does it lift us higher or is its negativity and gloom tainting our ability to fully bloom, to become all we were created to become?

The seeds of greatness are the seeds of who we are. But unlike the begonias and turnips, we have a great deal of influence as to what we allow to feed our growth. And how and what we decide to feed our growth with will determine exactly how much growing we actually do.

The life we want, the life we are capable of living, is not just going to happen. Look at the world around you. Is your current environment a fertile field promoting and supportive of the greatest version of yourself, the version you know you were created to become?

It’s your life. You are the only one who can make it become everything it was created to become.

And all of us hope that you do.

It’s a great day to be you.

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