Perhaps you’ve seen them as well?

Each morning my travels take me on the same stretch of open road. Recently, the all too familiar view was changed dramatically with the addition of four wind turbines.

Their close proximity to the road allowed me to strain my neck as I looked upwards to see how tall these massive structures actually were. These things are huge!

Most times I drive by these majestic towers they stand motionless, their blades outstretched, patiently awaiting the wind. Windmills would never know when the winds will blow, but yet they stand readily prepared to tap into the flow of the abundance, always available to receive that which they were created to receive.

We all share some similar characteristics with wind turbines. These turbines are technological marvels, precisely engineered, purposefully and intentionally located exactly where they need to be in order to thrive in abundance.

Just like we are.

The question is are you readily available to receive that which you were created to receive?

A lack of abundance has never been the problem. The universe is an infinitely abundant place for those who choose to see it that way. What so often prevents us from thriving, though, is an unwillingness to simply allow ourselves to receive the blessings available to us.

Any thoughts of scarcity, fear, and unworthiness lead us to act accordingly and shape our expectations of what we are willing to accept as possible for us. This was my life for many years until I eventually understood in this universe of attractor energy, thoughts will always attract more of the same. Thoughts which convey lack, worry, or unworthiness will inhibit the flow of abundance. My limiting thoughts were directly responsible for what wasn’t showing up in my life.

What have you been thinking about what you feel is possible for you? Are your thoughts working for you or against you?

What if you decided to be like those windmills and allow yourself to be fully ready to receive, to tap into the flow of the abundant blessing available to all of us, including you?

Allowing doesn’t mean sitting on the couch and waiting for your perfect life to show up. What is does mean is no longer working against yourself perpetuating any flawed perceptions of your unworthiness to receive. When we change what we are willing to allow into our lives our actions, energy, and expectations change accordingly. As we become emotionally and spiritually aligned with the blessings we were created to receive, the attractor universe responds in kind.

They wouldn’t build windmills if they didn’t expect an abundance of wind. Nor would you have been given a life and not be expected to live it in abundance.

Abundance is universal.

And so is your worthiness to receive it.

Maybe it’s time to allow it in?

It’s a great day to be you!

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