I used to have a real issue with gratitude. Especially when life wasn’t going my way. When I was frustrated or disappointed, logically I knew things could always be worse than the way they were. But logic is often no match for the emotional.

When others would sense my frustrations they would offer their compassion and empathetically remind me things, in fact, could always be worse. Which would really piss me off. Because they didn’t really understand MY problem or MY situation. Being grateful for life not being worse than I thought it was still didn’t get me to where I wanted to be. And I was supposed to find some sort of peace and comfort in that?

Fortunately I’ve come to understand a bit more about gratitude. And that has profoundly influenced how I see everything in the world.

I’ve come to know gratitude as the foundation upon which a life of peace and happiness can only be built. In my ever-meandering path of self-discovery and trying to better understand how life works I’ve been able to identify the three most important things to be grateful for.

BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE In a society obsessed with comparison, this can often prove to be more difficult than it really should be. But when we can remove the need to compare our life to others we can then develop a real reverence for the life we already have. Look around you and take a quick inventory of what you have in your life. Not just the material things. Think of the people you know and have known. Think of all the experiences which have shaped you and brought you to this very point in your life. How about your life itself and the abundance of air, food, and water needed to sustain it?

BE GRATEFUL FOR WHO YOU ARE When was the last time you looked at yourself with awe? Unfortunately, we live in a world which tends to reinforce what we misguidedly think is wrong with us. But the honest truth is each of us are a one-of-a-kind unrepeatable creation, a unique blend of talents, gifts, and abilities only we possess, and only we can offer to the world. There is only one you in the vastness of the universe and there will never be another just like you. That sounds awe-inspiring, doesn’t it?

BE GRATEFUL FOR ALL YOU’VE YET TO BECOME Have you ever wondered what is really possible for your life? We live in an infinitely abundant and ever-expansive world. None of us will ever run out of potential, nor will you ever exhaust the talents, gifts, and abilities which divinely define each one of us.

Each of us has the opportunity to turn what we have been given into what we were created to become. But you can only become what you allow yourselves to become.

So, who is it that you wish to become?

The greatest version of you has yet to be seen!

My morning reflection always includes acknowledging these three gratitudes. I don’t just recite them from memory; rather, I focus on each one until I can physically feel the blessings contained within each one. This practice creates a humbling tranquility and a spiritual empowerment I’ve not found anywhere else.

Perhaps this may work for you as well?

It’s a great day to be you!



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