Are you waiting for the world to make you happy, waiting for the warmth of the sun to make you smile?

We’re all hoping for sunshine, but in the end the weatherman, no matter how experienced and informed, is basing his forecast on something he really has no control over.

Sort of how we hope for happiness.

So much of the happiness we seek is far too dependent upon forces we do not control. We empower things external to placate the internal. We define the parameters of our own happiness, establishing the terms and conditions which must be met in order to allow ourselves to be happy, comfortable, and content.

We all have our own list of contingencies. When certain people start acting the way we feel they should, then we can be happy. When we drop the weight, when we get out of debt, when we finally meet that ever-elusive soul mate, then we can start to be happy.

Waiting for the world to meet your demands as to how you think things should be is often a very long wait. How much time do you want to waste waiting for the world to make you happy?

In any moment, happiness is our choice, readily available if we are willing to celebrate what is and not lament over what isn’t. And there is always something to celebrate.

It is quite liberating when you release your need to have the world and the people in it behave in a certain way in order to allow yourself to smile.

Not always easy. But always possible.

Be your own sunshine.

It’s a great day to be you!

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