It Doesn’t Matter What Happened, What Matters Is What Happens Next

It’s late. There’s a knock on the door. As you open the door you see a man smiling with what looks to be a pie in his hand. As you’re about to ask what this is all about, he raises his hand and plants the pie right in your face.

Usually you never see the pie in the face coming.

Life is full of pie-in-the-face moments, moments when the unforseen shows up and screws up everything. The best laid plans simply no match for what we never saw coming. Often we are left angry, frustrated, disappointed, or alone. I know I’ve takem my share of pies to the face. I’m sure you’ve had your share as well.

It used to be in my moments of defeat, I would often stayed defeated. There was something comforting in just staying down where life had tossed you. After all, I was a victim, awash with justification for my own inaction.

Becoming a victim isn’t usually a choice. Staying one is.

It doesn’t matter what happened, what matters is what happens next. Especially if you ever hope to become all you were created to become.

Get up. You’re stronger than you know.

It’s a great day to be you!

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