The Parable of Jesus, the Hockey Game, and the Ice Cold Beer

Peter was watching a hockey game with Jesus. When there was a break in the action, Peter turned to Jesus and asked him to get him a beer from the fridge. Jesus rose from the sofa and headed to kitchen. On his way he stopped, turned to look at Peter, shook His head slowly from side to side, then proceeded into the kitchen. Shortly after, Jesus returned to the sofa, empty handed, sat down and began to watch the hockey game.

Perplexed, Peter turned to Jesus and said “where’s my beer?”, to which Jesus said “Son, I am always here for you, but sometimes life is really about learning to help yourself.”


I don’t know about you, but I’ll admit I am quite good at asking Jesus for things. From more money and nicer cars to improved health and better jobs, I was never shy about asking for the things I felt I needed. In hindsight, my requests were prayers fueled by desperation with me turning to Jesus as the last resort. Given His unconditional loving nature, Jesus probably doesn’t mind being the last resort. I’m certain, though, He’d much rather be the priority.

A NEW CONVERSATION Much of my asking was followed by periods of waiting, waiting for the physical manifestation of my prayers to show up, sort of like standing by the curb waiting for the FedEx truck to show up with what I had ordered from

Jesus was born on Christmas but that doesn’t make Him Santa Claus.

As I’ve evolved spiritually, I’ve come to see the necessity of my participation in my own evolution. That was a long-missing component as I tended to sit back and hope I’ll get what I wanted. Usually that never got me anything more than disappointed.

Today’s conversations with Jesus are far more conversational, the focus upon purpose and fulfilling the promise of my own creation. There is a boldness in my inner voice which to this point in my life has never been heard. The boldness is present because I realized the codependent nature of my relationship with Jesus. Jesus alone can’t fulfill my purpose if I am unwilling to be fulfilled. Nor can I fulfill my purpose without the guidance, love, and forgiveness only Jesus can provide.

This changed everything, one of the most significant breakthroughs in my ever-meandering spiritual journey.

A SILENT KNOWING The boldness in my voice lets the Teacher know the student is finally ready to assume his role in becoming all he was created to become, no longer content being discontented waiting for the world to simply show up at my front door.

My newly-found boldness is nothing more than a humble confidence, a silent knowing, a trust the path I’m on is the same path I’m supposed to be on. This is surrender in action, me empowered by the clarity of my responsibility and the contributions I need to make if I ever hope to become what I was created to become. The Universe will do its part in helping me fulfill my purpose but I also need to do the same in return. We’re both in this together.

A life fulfilled is a life co-created.

Be. Bolder.

It’s a great day to be you!

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