There Are Beavers In Your Head And They Are Holding You Back

We all have beavers in our heads.

Beavers are second only to humans in their ability to reshape their physical environment. They are perhaps best known for their prolific dam building, obstructing the natural flow of rivers and streams to create protective water depths to shield themselves from predators.

The beavers in our head? They kind of work the same way. They work building psychologically restrictive dams, obstructing life’s natural flow of abundance and unlimited possibilities, all under the guise of protecting us from our own perceived predators.

The beavers in our heads are nothing more than those negative thoughts which perpetuate the lies about ourselves we somehow believe to be true. The thoughts of scarcity, the thoughts of unworthiness, the thoughts of not being good enough, smart enough, or beautiful enough.

Thought Beavers.

A CLOSER LOOK Nothing impacts our lives more that what we think. Our thoughts expand to shape our expectations and define what is – or isn’t – possible for us. More times than not, life lives up to those expectations.

When you take a closer look at what you’re thinking, you just might be amazed at what you see. Especially if life feels uncomfortable, uncertain, or unfulfilled.

Are your thoughts aligned with your divinity, allowing the flow of abundance inherent with your divinity to actually flow through you? Or do your thoughts perpetuate those lies of your unworthiness and lack, blocking the streams of happiness and prosperity, preventing you from fulfilling your own greatest promise?

Getting rid of any Thought Beavers is contingent upon rethinking what it is you’ve come to accept as true about yourself. All of us are nothing more than an extension of our Creator. Ours is a collective birthright of abundance and unlimited possibilities, of inherent beauty. If we were worthy of our own Creation, we are worthy to receive all we were created to become.

CREATED EQUAL God doesn’t create stratified societies. All are equally worthy, all are equally abundant, all are equally beautiful. When you remember you come from God’s perfection, you once again are reminded you are God’s perfection.

Don’t let your thoughts block the flow of the blessings the Universe is ready to give you.

Beavers have a place in nature. Just don’t let them build a home in your head.

It’s a great day to be you!

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