God’s Night Club And The Velvet Rope of Doubt

Perhaps this has happened to you?

It’s Saturday night and you’re standing in the long line outside the hottest night club in town. There’s the muscle-bound bouncer, dressed in his crisp-yet-slightly-too-small tuxedo, clipboard in his hand. On the clipboard is the guest list with the names of the “important” people, the chosen few who will be escorted directly into the club upon their arrival.

The not-so-important people? They remain queued up in a corral of velvet ropes, anxiously hopeful the man with the muscles and the clipboard will somehow lower the velvet rope and allow them entry as well.

Heck of a way to spend a night.

Hell of a way to spend a life.

Many of us have places we’d like to go in life. Things we’d like to do. Things we’d like to become. But somehow we’re not moving forward. It’s as if we’re in that same line outside that night club, a velvet rope keeping us on the outside looking in on the life we’d like to create for ourselves.

Our velvet rope is nothing more than limiting thoughts about ourselves we’ve allow to become true. It’s the doubt, the fear, and the unworthiness keeping us on the curb as we watch the “special” people thrive and become all they were created to become.

The good news? In God’s night club called Life everyone is special.

Everyone is on God’s guest list.

No one has to wait in line to start becoming what they were created to become. Yet many do, those who accept the flawed premise of self doubt, fear, and unworthiness. I spent far too much of my younger life standing in the line of hope, becoming a witness to the unfolding of others as I accepted the thoughts of my own self-inflicted limitations, preventing me from ever fully unfolding myself.

My spiritual evolution enabled me to finally realize the only thing holding me back was me. When I accepted we are all worthy in God’s eyes I became worthy in my own.

That changed everything for me.

It will change everything for you, too.

It’s a great day to be you!

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