Hummingbirds, Harleys and The Voices In Your Head

Are you actually buying into your idea of who it is you think you are?

In a rare moment I recently found myself sitting alone on my deck. Just relaxing. It wasn’t for very long, just long enough to notice I was actually relaxing.

Our house is situated not to far from a major highway. I remember all we ever heard during our first weeks here was the annoying hum of cars and trucks racing down the interstate. Over time we simply got used to the noise as it gradually just blended into the background. The noise didn’t go away, we just didn’t hear it any more.

During my moment of relaxation on the deck I was able to momentarily sit back and enjoy the sounds of nature all around me, especially the birds sharing their distinctive songs. My focus on nature was abruptly broken by the sound of a motorcycle screaming down the not-to-distant highway.

VOICES SURROUND US Our world is full of ambient noises, of millions of voices just waiting to be heard. Sit at a table in any restaurant and shift your focus around the entire room. So much to listen to, but you’ll only hear that which you decide to focus on.

What’s true in restaurants is also true in life. We are surrounded by many voices, and our focus will determine what it is we actually hear. These voices run the full spectrum of possibility and contradiction, some loud, some subtle, often shaped by the experience and/or motivation of the speaker. 

But of all the voices surrounding us, the only one that truly matters is our own.

What is it you focus on when your inner conversation turns to the subject of you? Is your focus upon the good or the bad, on what you have or what you think is missing, on the opportunities or the obstacles standing right in front of you?

The choice is the most important decision you can make in any given moment.

MOST IMPORTANT VOICE We get more of what we focus on. Like does attract like, and a focus on what is wrong creates more of what is wrong. If we choose to focus on what we don’t have all we’ll get is more of what’s missing.

The voice in our head is the single most powerful and influential voice we’ll ever hear. It is shaped by our cumulative life experiences which shape our self expectations, which then writes the script we’ll repeatedly read to ourselves until we actually buy in to our own self concept.

Sounds kinda important, yes?

While so much of our self concept is influenced by our life experiences, our truest self is simply an extension of our own creation. Who we actually are is beyond the influence of the worldly and external.

We all possess the perfect blend of unique talents, gifts, and abilities to fulfill our divine purpose, everything we need for our own personal journey. When we focus on our inherent completeness we empower the voice of our true self, the only voice that matters.

ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE The trouble starts when we shift our focus away from our spiritually defined voice and empower a voice who’s best intentions will never allow us to become all we were created to become.

The noises of everyday life can suddenly change our focus, much like a Harley Davidson motorcycle can make you forget about the hummingbirds near the birdfeeder. But with any distraction comes the opportunity to refocus your attention onto what matters most.

It’s always a choice. Your choice.

Empower the voice of your own perfection.

It’s a great day to be you!

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