The Art of Overcoming Yourself

Life has a funny way of throwing things at you, doesn’t it? Here we are just cruising along and from out of nowhere life drops it’s latest challenge into our lap.

Every challenge brings with it two different outcomes. Sometimes the challenge gets the best of us, stopping us dead in our tracks. Sometimes the challenge alters our course but not our ultimate destination. Either way, we are the ones who will determine the outcome.

Life is all about how we respond to the unexpected, when Plan A comes crashing down. Our responses are habitually predictable. We already know how we’ll react in most situations because it’s how we’ve always reacted. We already know if we will overcome the challenge that stands before us.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS? Our habitual responses to what life throws at us are rooted in our expectations of ourselves. Some expect to succeed, to prevail in the face of adversity. Others buckle under the perceived pressures, doubt and uncertainty reappear as expected.

What do you expect from you?

The world presents us all with many things to overcome, but sometimes the greatest thing we have to overcome is ourselves. We all have a tremendous capacity for personal growth and expansion. Conversely, we also have a tremendous capacity to doubt our ability to rise above the challenges standing in our way. Once again, the choice is ours. We are free to believe ourselves to be whatever it is we believe ourselves to be, even if what we believe ourselves to be is false.

The truth is we are all far stronger than we are willing to give ourselves credit for. The truth is we are designed for growth and expansion, to develop into who it is we were created to become. The truth is there is really nothing to doubt at all.

When we overcome ourselves, we are able to overcome whatever the world throws our way.

GREATNESS, PLEASE Revisit your view of you. Are your doubts and worries getting the best of you, weakening your resolve and holding you back from realizing your own greatness? Now revisit the view of the real you. The one created to fulfill a divine purpose, the one basking in life’s abundance, the one with an unlimited capacity for growth.

Yes, that’s the real you, divinely empowered to overcome whatever it is the world will throw in your way.

Create a new habit of reconnecting with your truest self.

It’s a great day to be you!

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