There Is No Doubt About Your Greatness

“…We are not here to merely contemplate our own greatness. We are here to achieve it.”

I recently found myself on the USA/Canadian border where northern Maine meets the province of New Brunswick. The funny thing about the border in this area is that there is no actual physical border. No wall, no river, no razor wire. There are small markers indicating where the two nations come together, but for the most part the border is nothing but a line drawn on a map. With this line comes an understanding of it’s boundaries and limitations, agreed to and respected.

Standing on this borderless border, it would be very easy to cross over to the other side. But we don’t, because we accept the limitations placed before us.

Sometimes in our own lives we come face to face with our own personal boundaries and limitations. These are boundaries and limitations that we accept and respect even though there is nothing physically restraining us from moving beyond these self-inflicted limitations. How often do we stand on the threshold of our dreams only to stop ourselves from crossing over the border?

HOLDING YOU BACK In the geopolitical world we do need to know where one nation ends and the other begins. But our soulful existence knows no physical boundaries. Instead we are bound only by any psychological barriers we erect for ourselves. When we honor and respect our own personal limitations, we separate ourselves from our divine purpose. Our dreams become surrounded by emotional barbed wire, perfectly within our sight but never within our grasp.

Are you standing on the threshold of your own greatness? Can you see what it is you want to become yet find yourself restrained from moving forward?

What holds us back is what always holds us back. Doubt. Doubt prevents us from giving ourselves permission to be great. It leaves us standing on the perimeter of our own greatest possibility.

Doubt fuels our fears, reminds us of our unworthiness, rationalizes our inferiority, and justifies our weakness. It is psychological cholesterol, gradually and invisibly restricting our ability to fulfill our dreams.

SEE, I TOLD YOU SO Doubt is a voice we’ve listened to for a very long time. It’s not a loud voice; rather, it’s a soft-spoken seemingly intelligent voice patiently reminding us at every possible opportunity that we’re just not good enough. It’s the subtle “see, I told you so” comments whispered into our ears that take root in our psyche, inevitably leading us to question who it is we really are.

Our immediate environment is a perfect breeding ground for doubt. Well-intentioned yet tragically misguided words unsuspectingly delivered by the ones we love and look up to create small fractures in our self confidence. When those we admire and respect express their doubts about what we are capable of, who are we to question their “wisdom”? Their tainted expectations cause us to taint our own expectations of ourself as well.

Our culture exposes us all to messages that can cause us to question our own worth and value. There is always something new to live up to, and if we don’t the voice of “see, I told you so” is right there to remind us of our own alleged shortcomings. Once again the voice tells us that it’s not that we’re not good, we’re just not good enough.

But it’s not about blaming society or anyone else. The goal is fulfilling your divine possibility.

EMBRACING YOUR PERFECTION What’s needed to silence the voice of doubt is an opposing view. A counterbalance in the form of the voice of possibility, the voice of divine truth. A voice to remind us of the perfection in which we were created.

When we were born there was nothing to doubt. Here we were, growing and evolving, the first stage in becoming what we were created to become. We were unlimited, surrounded by abundance, everything was possible. When we stumbled as we learned how to walk we simply got back up and tried again, never contemplating the possibility that maybe we just weren’t good enough to walk. We didn’t subject ourselves to the concept of comparison, nor did we view what we did in terms of success or failure. All we were was growing and evolving, becoming who it was we were created to become.

We’ve all been given everything we need to become who it is we were created to become. As in nature, that is inherent in our very design. Our purpose comes complete with the talents, gifts, and abilities needed to fulfill our purpose. The counterbalance to doubt is to reframe ourselves in the love in which we were created, to reconnect with our own original divine nature, to rediscover who we already really are.

MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH Moving beyond doubt is critical if we ever hope to fulfill our purpose and dreams. No matter how close you get, doubt will always keep you short of your goal. Moving beyond doubt is listening to the wiser voice, the voice that says “yes, you’re more than good enough”, the voice of your Creator.

I’ve always been intrigued by my own personal dealings with doubt. I’ve always wondered exactly what happened, how doubt could have entered my psychological blood stream. For some there are clearly defined moments in their lives that lead to the birth of their uncertainty. For others, me included, it was more of a subtle undetected infiltration slowly transforming possibility into improbability. 

As curious as I was about my past, I am far more concerned with today, with this moment. I get to choose what I am going to bring with me into all my next moments, this moment included. I need not bring with me what held me back in the past. My intention is to create a new future, to move closer to all I was created to become.

Yes, seeing yourself as you were originally created is nothing more than a choice. Your choice.

A BETTER CHOICE Doubt lives in the gap between who we are and who it is we think we are. And while this space isn’t very big, it’s just big enough to cause us to question our worth, our value, and our own possibility. Doubt has no place to lurk when there is no gap, and that gap is closed when we once again rediscover our own divinity, when we hear the True voice reminding us of who it is we really are.

We are not here to merely contemplate our own greatness. We are here to achieve it. We’ve all been given everything we need to cross over any self-limiting borders and barricades standing in front of us. Especially the ones we may have built on our own.

So, how do you see you? Is there a gap between who you think you are and who you really are? Which version of you do you accept as your truth?

As you stand on the threshold of your own greatness, move confidently ahead. There really is nothing between who you are and who it is you were created to become.

No doubt about it.

It’s a great day to be you!

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