Building The Greatest Version of You

So what are you building with your life?

Are you living a life of “what could have been” when you could be living a life of “all you were created to be”?

There is a new skyscraper on the rise in Boston. My frequent drives through the city usually land me stuck in the middle of morning rush hour traffic, the perfect venue to watch this new building come to life.

Every time I pass by, I see the steel structure has grown a few floors taller, the steel workers bolting one steel beam into place and then another, and then another. Not much to look at in it’s current configuration, but that’s just part of the process.

Building anything of substance usually takes time. It starts with a vision and then a strategy and then the implementation of the strategy to turn the vision into something visible, the conceptual into concrete.

DRIVEN BY THE VISION Growth is often slow, sometimes even imperceptible. But growth comes from the repetition of the mundane, a commitment to the incremental, a respect for the cumulative process of creation itself. Driven by the vision.

Great buildings never build themselves. Neither do great lives. Like skyscrapers, a great life needs a vision, a strategy, and the implementation of the strategy in order to come to fruition, to become what it was designed to become.

So…what’s your vision for you? Where are you, where do you want to go, and how are you going to get there?

Each of us is surrounded by all the raw materials we need to become our own skyscraper, to become all that we were created to become. You are your own life architect, your own general contractor, your own steel crew. Your tool box is the unique combination of talents, gifts, and abilities only you possess.

We were all created with a divine vision, but only you can build the greatest version of you.

Why settle for “what could have been” when you can live a life of “all you were created to be”?

It’s a great day to be you!

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