Permission Granted

School trips require a signed parental consent form. Without my approval, my kids will not be allowed to get on the bus and travel to their education destination.

Asking permission is a good thing. For a class trip. But when it comes to our own lives, are we waiting for others to give us permission to become all that we really are?

Sometimes we’re the ones that don’t sign off on our own trip to our own fulfillment. Sometimes we empower others in our lives, giving them the pen and awaiting their signature before we feel comfortable becoming who we really want to become.

But what happens if they refuse to sign?

Unlike our children, no one needs to sign off on where it is we hope to go in our life. Others may express their reservations and concerns about our plans. They may even question our judgement. But the map to Greatness is in our hands. The only person we need permission from is ourself.

All that you need to become all that you already are is within you. Bringing you to life requires one simple decision to allow yourself to fully bloom, to bear all the fruit you were created to bear.

It’s a great day to be you!

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