Yes, That Is God Whispering In Your Ear

“Forever trust in who we are, and nothing else matters…”

Trust is a funny thing.  As kids we learn to trust our parents.  We learn to trust our siblings. We learn to trust our friends.  But at what point do we learn to trust ourselves?

In our desire to be accepted, in our desire to fit in, in our desire to simply be happy, our focus will at times shift away from who we really are to who we think we really need to be.

But trusting in your self is simply listening to the real you. It’s listening to the inner voices of inspiration, the voice of God. The inner voices that are telling you that you are good enough exactly the way you are. Not worrying about the opinions and expectations others may have for you. Trusting yourself allows you to transcend any insecurity and doubt and allows you to fully become all that you were created to become. This is the real you, the natural you, the one created for greatness.

The one the world needs you to become.

Forever trust in who you are.

It’s a great day to be you!


(This quotes comes from James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich who are better known by their day jobs as lead vocalist and drummer, respectively, of the band Metallica. The above quote is from their 1991 song “Nothing Else Matters”.)

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