The Problem With Miracles

Hollywood surely hasn’t been good for the miracle business.

Blockbuster films become blockbusters because they blow away our expectations. It could be the script, it could be the actors, or it could be the special effects. But what ever it was, we thought it was just awesome. Blockbusters raise the bar of awesome. For the next movie to become a blockbuster it will need to exceed the higher standards of awesome set by the previous blockbuster. The new film may be just as great as the previous film. But “just as great” is seldom ever great enough. We need more awesome to get us excited; yesterday’s awesome just isn’t awesome anymore.

The “more awesome, please” thinking permeates our lives. Which is bad news for things like miracles.

Miracles, after a while, lose their luster. Time makes what was once extraordinary eventually ordinary. And once it becomes ordinary it becomes irrelevant, simply taken for granted. Surrounded by yesterday’s miracles we often fail to see anything miraculous.

The truth is miracles never lose their luster. They never stop being awesome. The only thing that actually changes is our vantage point. We are the ones that move beyond the miracles in front of us in search of that next something that will get us excited.

Nothing can ever diminish the magnificence of the miracles that are around us and within us.

Perhaps today is the perfect day to rediscover all the miracles in your life?

It’s a great day to be you!

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