My TV Wants Me To Hate Myself

My TV is always telling me that no matter how happy I think I am, I’d be much happier with whatever it was it was trying to sell me.

Marketers thrive on creating a sense that who I am and what I have just isn’t good enough. They construct a new standard, raise a higher expectation, and I simply don’t measure up. I must be incomplete. Unless, of couse, I buy what they’re selling. Then I’d be cool/beautiful/accepted.

The advertising world works to create an illusion that we are incomplete. Then they offer us the solution to the problem we didn’t even know we had. Pure genius, creating a disease just to sell us their cure. Retail therapy anyone? Why do they do this? Because it works. If you let it.

There’s no money to be made off of complete people, people who have reached the point in their lives where they understand and accept their innate complete nature. The message of “something is missing in your life” simply doesn’t resonate with people who know that nothing is really missing in the first place.

The greatest gift is to look inside and see that nothing is missing.

Because nothing is.

It’s a great day to be you!

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