So quiet you can hear it.


It’s the start of November which means here in New England winter and it’s own version of silence is but a few weeks away. I don’t have a favorite season, but I’ve come to appreciate the lessons each season has to teach us.

The seasons of life each come with their own lessons as well.

Especially winter.

More specifically, emotional winters. When your own world grows coldly silent, even isolated…when familiar voices and noises go somewhat dormant. Life wants your full attention and temporarily removes the comfortable distractions in order to do so.

I would often resist these emotional winters. I didn’t ask for them, I certainly didn’t like them, and I had no idea why they were happening. Loneliness wasn’t something I was looking for. When I’ve been receptive during these barren times of my life, though, I’ve found most of my growth has come during such winters. This is when I’ve been able to go deeper into me, seeking to better understand my truest self, the one I’ve often struggled to more fully understand. Embracing the silence of such winters affords me the space to ask, to question, to surrender, to be present.

To listen.

To grow.

Emotional winters have become an important component of my emotional and spiritual evolution. Unexpected periods of silence now bring a heightened sense of awareness, knowing that within that silence there is something for me to learn.

And there is always something more for me to learn.

Especially about me.

Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

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