It actually came back!  

For no particular reason I recently purchased a boomerang. Not a bucket list item, just something that I thought would be fun to have. I went to a large open field behind the school and wanted to see if this thing would actually come back. And it did.

I don’t know the exact engineering behind the design, but their shape and the laws of physics worked together to return to the thrower what was sent out into the world.

Kind of how life works, isn’t it?

The energy we offer to the world will find its way back to the source. That source is us. It doesn’t matter what vibration or emotion we release, eventually it will find it’s way back home.

With the boomerang I knew exactly what I was throwing. I could see it in my hand. I was able to witness the entire cycle of the process, of me releasing and of me receiving. But what about the things I can’t see, like the intangible nature of my thoughts and my emotions?

When I am feeling good and grateful I soon find more good things to be grateful for showing up in my life. I am throwing good energy out in front of me and more of what is thrown returns back to me. Does that ever happen to you, too? When I am feeling fearful and overwhelmed, doubting and worrying, more of that like energy returns back to me as well. Energy is indifferent; it attracts more of itself even if I really don’t want it to. Cosmic magnetism.

Sometimes, though, we don’t realize what we’re throwing out into the world. Without a sense of self-awareness we often unintentionally and habitually create a conflict between how we feel and how we want to feel. Wanting and having are two conflicting vibrations. These conflicting energies work against each other, resulting in keeping us exactly where we are, exactly where we’ve told ourselves we no longer wish to be.

We tell ourselves what we wish to attract and become, but often our emotions and feelings are saying something completely different.

Stepping back and looking non-judgmentally into myself, I was able to discover my own inner conflicts swirling within me. I could see how I was actually working against myself vibrationally, subtly creating energies which simply negated even the most sincere of intentions. A younger version of me would harshly criticize me for failing to attain certain expectations I had set for myself. But after years of beating myself down I was able to step back and look into my situation as a neutral observer to see exactly what was going on. That’s when things started to change. That’s when I knew where my own disconnect had been all along. Vibrational conflict. Me working against me. And I didn’t even know it.

Self-awareness has become such an important part of my growth. I have developed new habits of checking in with myself several times daily. I even set alarms on my iPhone a few times per day to remind me to check in with myself, to see where my energy and emotions are and to see if I am in vibrational alignment with my intentions. No beating myself up. No judgment. Just being aware of my inner state and then gently bringing myself back into alignment with that which I wish to attract and become.

Change is a process of co-creative attraction which only works when we are not working against ourselves.

Have you ever stepped back and looked into your life just to get a better view of what’s going on inside of you? Just simply look without judgment of what you see?

What are you throwing into the world in terms of thoughts and emotions? Like that boomerang, you’ll find you’re getting back exactly what you’ve been throwing.



It’s a great day to be you!

photo credit: William Farlow via Unsplashed

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