I bet people would look at you rather strangely if you walked around with a solar panel strapped to your head. Or maybe a small wind turbine?

We see them just about everywhere these days. Solar panels and wind turbines. Many people are in search of alternative sources of energy. Perhaps driven by environmental concerns or cost savings, one goal is to become more energy independent and not needing to rely on foreign sources of energy.

How reliant are you on foreign sources of energy? No, not the oil and gas portion of your life but the emotional energy which fuels your life? Is the primary source of your energy coming from foreign sources, sources beyond your control, sources outside of yourself?

Who has to act a certain way for you to feel energized? What conditions need to already be in place for you to feel empowered to embrace the new day? What do you need from others in order for you to allow yourself to shine?

When we are waiting for the world to be the way we want it to be in order to feel energized we may never find the energy we are looking for.

Perhaps it’s time to take steps to become more energy independent?

At times I find myself looking for external sources to get me going. Because sometimes I get stuck. Sometime life does get the best of me. And sometimes it’s just easier to look for something outside of you than to fix what’s really going on inside. Relying on outside forces also allows us to point fingers and blame people or conditions when neither are favorable for our well being.

Blame just keeps you stuck. As does simply wishing for things to change.

When life has drained my energy, I now know the best source of sustainable new energy lies inside of me. It’s a process for me to generate my own internal energy, and that process always starts with gratitude. Nothing jumpstarts my positive energy more than gratitude.

When you focus on what you have, it’s hard to focus on what you feel is missing. Gratitude, though, is more than taking an inventory of your stuff. Certainly it’s important to remind yourself of all that you already are and all you already have. But there’s one thing I’m grateful for which creates more new energy within me than anything else…

All that I’ve yet to become.

Have you ever wondered what is really possible for you, of what the very best version of your life looks like? Possibility is something we all share, regardless of where we find ourselves at this very moment. Where we are isn’t where we have to stay. We are only done growing and expanding if we decide that we are. But life, yours and mine, is infinitely abundant with new opportunities and possibilities. No one ever runs out of potential or possibilities. No one ever has.

Allow yourself a moment to think of what could be ahead for you. What does that higher level look and feel like? Career? Adventure? Education? Experience? The future – both yours and mine – is as bright as we are willing to allow it to be.

There is great energy in possibility, of simply contemplating what could be, of dreaming big dreams for you. And that energy resides with us at all times, simply awaiting for us to create and be inspired by our own vision of what we want our life to feel like.

Isn’t it time to be inspired by all you’ve yet to become?

Our future is fueled by the energy we choose to bring to it. The greatest, most sustainable source of energy available to each of us is already within us.

Now, isn’t that something worth getting excited about?

It’s a great day to be you!


Photo by Felipe Luiz on Unsplash

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