There’s a reason you’ve never seen a sunflower plant in any image depicting the North Pole.

Sunflowers don’t grow there.

Plants are at the mercy of their environment. The proper soil, the mix of nutrients, the amount of water, temperature, and sunshine can mean life or death to a plant. So many external variables impact their viability and growth.

And there’s not a single thing a plant can do about it.

As humans, we, too, are greatly impacted by the environments we find ourselves in. Some environments are conducive to growth and thriving, while others will never let us become any more than what we are right now.

Too often we act like plants and wait for the conditions around us to be perfect before we will be able to flourish and thrive. And until those outside conditions are firmly in place we give ourselves permission to blame them for the reasons why our lives are not yet where we want them to be.

While the human tendency is to look outward, the most important environment is the one inside of us. Each of us is empowered to create the mental and emotional conditions within us which will allow us to either thrive or to merely survive.

Are you thriving or surviving?

Our thoughts will tell us everything we need to know about the environment within us. What are we expecting? Is it joy, peace, abundance, and love? Or is it fear, doubt, loneliness, and lack?

When the weakness of fear, doubt, loneliness, and lack are present within us we often seek the support of the world outside to find the strength we need to get through and survive the challenges of the day. Unfortunately, much of the outside world is often too busy with their own lives, too busy pulling the emotional weeds out of their own gardens to help you pull out the weeds in yours.

So how do we build that environment within us which will allow us to thrive, to create the fertile emotional soil which will allow us to become all we were created to become?


More specifically, loving yourself.

Sometimes the weight of a situation weakens us to the point where we empower the doubts and fears swirling around us. But wouldn’t this be the ideal time to respond from a position of love? What if we were there for ourselves at our own time of need, compassionately embracing ourselves with the love we are all worthy of receiving?

Love is a powerful force, and when we love ourselves we, too, become a powerful force better able to navigate and thrive in an often-challenging and ever-changing world.

Love of self silences the fear within.

We were all created from a Source of joy, peace, abundance, and love. And since our Source is joy, peace, abundance, and love so, too, are we.

Be empowered by who you really are.

It’s a great day to be you!

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