The Divisive Nature of Adjectives

If you’ve ever felt a loving embrace, thank an adjective. Because without the adjective, all you would have felt was an embrace.

Adjectives bring words to life. They turn beer into cold beer, nights into starry nights, moments into magical moments. The colorful and descriptive nature of an adjective is based upon a perception, a judgment, an evaluation of what we think we see in front of us.

Perceptions, judgments, and evaluations are great when we are talking about beer, nights, and moments. But when we add people to that list, perceptions, judgments, and evaluations can sometimes be anything but great.

The ability of adjectives to enhance can be offset by an adjective’s ability to hurt, especially when it comes to people. Our highly competitive world is quite polarizing. Demographically we are all divided, segmented by gender, age, ethnicity, religion, language, income, education level, orientation. With this segmentation often come misguided perceptions, judgments, and evaluations of those other people, you know, the ones who aren’t just like us. And, yes, those perceptions, judgments, and evaluations yield their own descriptive adjectives which, unfortunately, are usually very divisive.

When it comes to using adjectives to describe those other people who aren’t just like us, perhaps the best one to use would be the one God would use to describe all His children…


It’s a great day to be you!

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