Relying On The Darkness

“It wasn’t cancerous after all.”

We got some great news from my uncle’s doctor about the tumor growing in his right leg. It had been a few weeks since the biopsy with several follow-up appointments rescheduled because the results were still not conclusive. But in the end we got the news we had been praying for.

Like with the biopsy results, sometimes life makes you wait. And waiting can be an emotionally dangerous thing, especially when you’re waiting for news that can change your life forever.

My uncle’s good news did change his life. I’ve never seen him happier or more alive. A stark contrast to the weeks between his initial diagnosis and the the moment before we heard the doctor’s good news. Our minds at times will take us to some pretty dark places.

The reason my uncle is now so full of life is because for a time he thought he may be on the verge of losing it. The fear of loss is a powerful motivator.

But why do we have to wait for life to get difficult for us to again appreciate all that we already have and already are?

Isn’t life too short to be relying on the darkness in order for us to appreciate the light?

It’s a great day to be you!

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