Becoming Your Own Empire State Building

You have a great deal in common with the Empire State Building.

If you choose to see it.


New York City inspires me. I don’t get there very often, but whenever I do the city never lets me down. I’ve come to love the scale and grandeur. It’s a place of great energy, a city of hope, possibilities, and dreams. The art, the architecture, the food, the ethnic diversity…all are a part of what makes this city breathe. It’s an amazing place.

Unless you’re like my friends who actually live there. They no longer see what I see.

Perhaps it’s just like anything else. After a while everything just becomes part of the background. The once-vibrant hues that at one time excited us gradually fade to grey. Too often we are surrounded by miracles, yet over time we no longer see anything miraculous.

New York has a lot to notice. The real inspiration, though, comes from actually noticing.

Right now in your immediate space there is a great deal to notice. And a great deal to be inspired about. It doesn’t matter if you’re standing in Times Square or if you’re standing in your living room.

There are many great things about us that we’ve allowed to fade into our own personal backgrounds. Simply because we tend to take ourselves for granted. We no longer see the greatness that lies within us. We no longer see all that we already are and all that we are capable of becoming.

Vibrant hues never really fade to grey; we just stop noticing their color. The vibrant hues that define us are right in front of us, as vibrant as they’ve always been, clearly visible if we allow ourselves a few precious moments to actually see them.

Don’t we owe it to ourselves to simply stop for just a moment to acknowledge and appreciate our own magnificence and significance…to allow ourselves to again be inspired by who it is we already are?

Your life is far too important to simply allow it to fade to grey.

It’s a great day to be you!


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