Embracing Your Inner Rudolph

Rudolph took what society would call a flaw and turned it into his trademark, a defining characteristic.

He’s not alone. The world is full of famous people who did the exact same thing. Look what Cindy Crawford did with her facial mole. Listen to Bob Dylan sing. I’m certain that they were both told their “flaws” would never allow them to fit in, never allow them to be valuable. There would be “no reindeer games” for either of them. But like Rudolph, their “flaws” became their defining characteristics.

But is life really about fitting in to a predetermined profile? As kids we had no concept of fitting in. We just followed our hearts. Nothing was “flawed” because nothing was judged. As we got older, we started buying into the concept of fitting in, empowering the hierarchy of cool. There is no room for individual uniqueness when the goal is fitting in.

We live in a time of judgment where external expectations greatly influence how we evaluate the world around us. Including even how we look at ourselves. We compare everything to the template of how things/people are supposed to be and then judge accordingly.

When you look at you, do you see flaws or defining characteristics?

Within all of us is a beautiful voice, an expression of who we really are. Usually that voice is silenced because we fear that our abilities, dreams, or ambitions are just not good enough. When we decide to silence that voice, we silence our very soul.

Our unique voice was given to us for the sole purpose of bringing it to life and sharing it with the world. Our voice, our glorious gift, is a celebration of who we are, and who we are is above any external expectations or opinions.

It’s a matter of choice, really. We can either empower our perceived flaws or embrace that which defines us.

When you look at it this way it’s really not that hard of a choice, is it?

It’s a great day to be you!

2 thoughts on “Embracing Your Inner Rudolph

  1. As someone who is currently struggling with an eating disorder, this post really hit me at my core. I have literally read this post over and over and over to remind myself that I am so much more than the impossible perfection I try to compare myself to and that I feel like others expect of me. Every day I let my eating disordered thoughts “win,” I am silencing the voice that tells me that I am worth it and that I am good enough just because I’m me . . .
    Thank you so much for such a powerful message at a time I am in need of hope that it really can be a great day to be me!


    1. Traci…thank you for sharing your comments. I am humbled that my words were so powerful for you. And you are 100% correct, you ARE good enough just because you are you!


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