Ambient Toxicity and The Defiant Face of Love

What if you took an inventory of any toxic energy that may be surrounding you at this very moment…the economy, frustrations, unmet expectations, disappointments, resentments, isolation, lack of acceptance…

What if you took that inventory of all that was getting in the way of allowing you to become the best you were created to become, and then decided to become the very best you were created to become anyway?

So much of what holds us back isn’t the toxicity that surrounds us; rather, it’s any toxicity within us. What makes the toxic stuff in our world toxic is our decision to allow this stuff to be toxic in the first place, to allow this negative engery into our emotional blood stream.

Each new day brings with it the same old challenge. It’s the battle between what the world says we are and who it is we really are.

The good news is we get to decide who’s right.

Toxicity from within takes the form of doubt, uncertainty, unworthiness. This toxicity empowers the external forces that surround us, giving it additional strength, reinforcing the doubt, uncertainty, unworthiness.

VALIDATION We can’t control the world around us or the opinions that the world may be casting upon us. But we can make a new decision. A better decision to reconnect with our truest self, the self that is already good enough, strong enough…exactly as we already are. We need no validation from the outside world. But when we accept and validate ourselves as we already are, something very beautiful and very powerful happens within us.

For when we validate and accept ourselves as we already are we are surrounded by perhaps the deepest love of all. The love of self. Not an arrogance, but a humble appreciation and awe for all that we already are. That’s when we see the magnificence within us. That’s when we again discover our light. That’s when we rise above that which would bring us down.

That’s when we see what God sees.

So instead of making a list of what is wrong, of what is missing, make a list of all that you already have, of all that you already are, and all that you’ve yet to become.

It will be quite the list.

Life’s many challenges can make it easy to justify our own personal stagnation. It is easy and sometimes tempting to pull over to the side of the road and wait for the storms to pass. But life is all about moving forward. We are all stronger than any toxicity that surrounds us as long as that toxicity remains outside of us. And we don’t have to let that stuff in.

We’ve all got great things to accomplish, and within us lie all the talents, gifts, and abilities we need to live up to the greatness that the Universe has bestowed upon us all.

Here’s to moving forward!

It’s a great day to be you!

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