Slow Dancing with the Three Sisters of Regret

And just like that, it was over. His life, and what it could have been was never given the opportunity to fully be.

For some reason I was thinking about a tragic event that occurred during my senior year in high school. I don’t know what it was that took me back. Sometimes my thoughts take me to places I never expect to go.

His name was Andrea McCoy. He was a member of the 1980 US Olympic boxing team. The US boxing team was heading to an exhibition in Poland when their plane crashed as it approached Warsaw. On March 14, 1980, 22 members of the team perished, including Andrea.

Andrea and I weren’t that close. We shared home room together, a few laughs, and a few classes. I remember his huge smile and his kind spirit.

I remember his empty seat.

Andrea was given an incredible talent, and for reasons well beyond my understanding, was given only 20 short years on this earth. On Continue reading “Slow Dancing with the Three Sisters of Regret”

Ambient Toxicity and The Defiant Face of Love

What if you took an inventory of any toxic energy that may be surrounding you at this very moment…the economy, frustrations, unmet expectations, disappointments, resentments, isolation, lack of acceptance…

What if you took that inventory of all that was getting in the way of allowing you to become the best you were created to become, and then decided to become the very best you were created to become anyway?

So much of what holds us back isn’t the toxicity that surrounds us; rather, it’s any toxicity within us. What makes the toxic stuff in Continue reading “Ambient Toxicity and The Defiant Face of Love”

Throwing Stones At God

Surrender has nothing to do with a white flag.

There is a place I get to every now and again. It’s not a place you just happen to go by, it’s much more of a destination. An on-purpose kind of a trip. This place has become a rather spiritual place for me, a church without walls, a place where I ask life’s deeper questions and hope to hear the answers contained within the voices of the crashing waves in front of me.

This beach is anything but pretty. Not very popular, actually. It will never be confused with the elegant beaches found nearby on Cape Cod, nor will it be placed in the same class as Horseneck Beach which sits just on the other side of Gooseberry Island. It feels Continue reading “Throwing Stones At God”

The Ultimate Pain Killer

I recently had a conversation with a friend I didn’t know was a friend. I had know this person for the past few years on a very casual basis. Neither one of us really knew anything about each other. All I knew was that this person was the kind of person you’d probably like to get to know better.

Never did I expect one simple question to dramatically impact me so profoundly.

It wasn’t so much the question itself, it was the interaction that stemmed from the question. We began with a very innocent and Continue reading “The Ultimate Pain Killer”