If You’re Gonna Hate Me, Please Do So at Noontime

This is my very last blog post.


OK, this probably isn’t my last post ever.

But it could be.

Who knows? Some things are well beyond our control.

If this were to be the absolute last thing I was ever to write I’d want it to be memorable. I’d want it to move you. But most importantly, I’d want to make sure you knew exactly how I feel. Black and white, because there wouldn’t be a chance for me to ever explain the grey.

At some point in life, the tense changes. Present becomes past. Opportunities you had to clarify positions cease to exist. Grey will forever remain grey.

There is always a risk that our last impression won’t be the one we wished we would’ve left behind. Our temperament in any moment greatly influences the content of our expression. At times our truest feelings are relegated into the background, temporarily overridden by an emotionally-fueled response that is often later regretted. A slammed door is not the ideal way of showing someone you love them.

Would you ever want a door slam to be your last impression, regardless of which side of the door you were on?

NEW LIGHT Look at your shadow early in the morning. The low angle of the sun elongates your silhouette. It distorts it way out of proportion. Much like the way that our problems du jour influence our own temperament in any given moment. Sometimes what we choose to see is very much distorted, often blown way out of proportion. Which, in turn, can produce a response equally as distorted, equally disproportionate. Misunderstandings further escalated.

Insert door slam here.

At high noon, when the sun is directly overhead, there are no shadows. Nothing elongated, nothing distorted. This new light allows you to gain the true perspective, to see things as they really are. I always find that my response to any situation is always better when I am responding to things as they actually are. Sometimes all it takes is waiting a few moments for the light to change.

As emotional beings, we can at times agree to disagree, but our disagreements need to be framed within the proper perspective. What temporarily divides us in the moment is usually nothing compared to what it was that united us in the first place. Perspective adds the rational component that neuters resentment and leads to resolution. It turns confrontation into conversation, which moves any relationship forward. No need to slam the door.

Doors, after all, were meant to be opened.

Isn’t that a much better impression?

It’s a great day to be you!

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