Three Simple Steps to Greatness Every Day

There are several reasons why I like to write about greatness and full personal development. One of the main reasons is incredibly selfish. Writing helps remind me to live up to my own greatness. Hope that in reading these posts and short essays you’ll also be reminded that it is a great day to be you.

I’ve listed below some simple steps that have enabled me to add more carpe to my diem.  A great day starts with a great morning. A great morning sets the pace for the rest of the day. I often find it difficult to “retake the day” if the day gets away from me. So, starting out each day on the right foot is critical for me.

Here are the steps:

  1. Control Your Morning Environment– Avoid all potential negativity. Where does this potential negativity exist? The first place is the clock radio. Usually people set their alarms to go off on the hour or half hour, which is exactly when most radio stations will broadcast the news. Talk about potential negativity! When was the last time listening the news made you feel good? I no longer throw the TV on in the morning, either. Morning TV news has become visual bad news, which complements the audio bad news that greeted me as I awoke. If you use a clock radio as an alarm, set the radio to a classical music station. Or, use your iPod to control the sounds you awake to. Environmental sounds also work very well.
  2. Gratitude – While still horizontal, I like to give myself a few precious moments to reflect upon all the things I am grateful for. Think about the fact that I’ve been given the gift of a new day in the first place! Look around and appreciate all the things that surround you. Be thankful for the abundance which has manifested in your life. Breathe deeply and give thanks.
  3. The Morning Stare Down – Find a mirror and just look at yourself. Ignore the wrinkles. Ignore yet another grey hair. Just look at yourself. Eye-to-eye. What do you see? If you look deeply enough you’ll see your greatness. You’ll see the real you. The you that is perfect exactly the way you are. The you that is unlimited and abundant. The you that can make the world around you better simply by giving your greatness away today. Silently affirm these positions as you continue looking yourself square in the eye. Remind yourself that within you already lies everything you need to fulfill your greatness. No need for a Knute Rockne speech. Just silently affirm your greatness.

I find that this simple morning realignment ritual allows me to proactively face the day, as opposed to spending the day reacting to the knives and punches that life has thrown my way. I am now ready to dive into the day from a higher level of consciousness, something that benefits all with whom I come in contact with each day.

Hope these ideas help you to live up to your greatness each day.

The world needs you to be great!

It’s a great day to be you!

2 thoughts on “Three Simple Steps to Greatness Every Day

  1. This is most excellent advice! Gratitude, great sounds and recognizing your own greatness – how can you NOT be great if you start the day that way?


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