Living Half Full…defined.

So what, exactly, is Living Half Full?    Actually, it’s more of a mindset.  A mindset that is a foundation of true peace and happiness.  It is living a life based upon what is, a life based upon gratitude and appreciation for what you are and what you possess right now.  We are all an accumulation of all that we have gathered and experienced, both materially and immaterially.  The stuff, the relationships, the life experiences…we are all sum totals of all that has happened so far.  Yet there is a real tendency to focus on what isn’t, on what we feel is missing.  Still looking for the “right” stuff, the “right” relationships, the “right” life experiences.  All too often we base our happiness upon the achievement of obtaining what it is we feel is missing, as if what we currently have could not possibly become a source of true happiness.

I can speak from my own experiences, my own quests in which I was certain that my happiness would kick in once I earned a certain annual salary, or when I reached a certain weight loss goal.  For a very long time my eyes were focussed well ahead in the distance, ignoring all that was around me searching for that which would make me happy.  The Horizon of Happiness just ahead.  One by one I’d meet and then exceed my goals, only to find out that the elusive happiness thing just didn’t happen.  In fact, it just made me madder, more disappointed, even disillusioned.  Funny thing about the horizon; you can never get there.

Living Half Full is living a life of appreciation and gratitude.  It’s a life of positive expectation, unlimited abundance, and reverence for all that you are and all that you are capable of.  And all it is, really, is a choice.  A decision to take the single most important thing you’ll ever have – your life – and make it magical!  No need to enroll in special classes, no need for government certification.  Just a choice to embrace your own greatness!

It’s a great day to be you!

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