Peace, Happiness, and Living Half Full.

What a concept.  Peace.  And happiness?

I am amazed at the pace of my life.  One day seems to morph into the next day.  If the days weren’t numbered on the calendar I don’t think I could tell them apart.  I have three phone numbers, three e-mail accounts. Let’s not forget the Blackberry and the old-fashioned fax machine.  A “day off” has become a day in which I simply don’t work as much as I do on non-day off days.  I wonder if the pace of life is actually getting me some where, or is it simply blurring the view?

So who has time for this peace and happiness stuff?

Living Half Full has actually gotten me the closest I’ve ever been to the elusive P&H (peace and happiness).  Simply because I’ve readjusted my expectations about the outside world and what it can do for me.  The conventional thinking is that my happiness is tied directly into my ability to achieve and accomplish.  Real simple to quantify something that is unquantifiable. It’s all tied to my paycheck, the house I live in, the car I drive, and the size of the TV hanging on the wall in my Man Cave.  Add to the list where and how often I vacation, how expensive my custom-tailored suits are, and so on.  We have allowed our own self image and self worth to be greatly influenced by the stuff we collect in comparison to others.

The readjustment?  I figured out that the outside world can never give me the peace and happiness that we are all searching for.  Peace and happiness are internal; it’s all about me and how I feel about me.  The outside world is an external influence that used to influence me greatly in terms of shaping my own opinions of myself.  But I gave it too much credit.  I learned that it was never going to make me happy.  Living Half Full means focusing on all that you are as a person, and appreciating and respecting the amazing being that you truly are.  No one has your unique combination of talent, ability, and perfection.  Don’t look to the external for something that can only come from inside.  Peace and happiness start with the appreciation and respect of your divine self.

It’s a great day to be you!

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