Mention their names and you’d swear that they wouldn’t be good together. Polar opposites, most would agree. Yet, it’s that very polarity which can make them important partners.

For most of my life I’ve sought a level of clarity, of trying to understand who I am and what I am here to do with this one life I’ve been given. This inner journey has taken me in many different direction, each path directly or indirectly leading me closer to the clarity I’ve been seeking.

On this long and meandering quest I’ve learned a great deal about life and about myself. Paradoxically one of the key components on my path to clarity has been the introduction of doubt.

Doubt. As in uncertainty. As in compassionately questioning what it is I’ve been willing to accept about myself and what’s possible for me. My beliefs shape my identity, and my identity shapes how it is I allow my life to unfold.

What if what I believe about myself isn’t really true?

What if it actually is?

By introducing doubt into the equation of who it is I tell myself I am – or am not – I create the space for an inner dialog where a deeper conversation can be had. Doubt becomes a process of me filtering through my sense of identity and self. It allows me to challenge my perceptions of the limitations I have consciously and subconsciously accepted as true. It allows me to more fully contemplate what may be possible for me.

It allows me to more closely clarify both my identity and purpose.

Intentionally looking in to who it is we tell ourselves we are and being willing to accept a different truth about who we are is foundationally transformational.

Maybe we are what we’ve been telling ourselves we are.

Maybe we’re not.

Either way, we’re one step closer to knowing.

Doubt can be an unexpected source of clarity.

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

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