The ones who stand on the sidelines of your life, and no matter the score they remind you that the scoreboard isn’t an indication of your worth or value. That no matter the score they will always remind you how much they believe in you, support you, and will push you a bit further because they do.

While we often associate cheerleading with high school and college sports, some of the most important cheerleading is done in our adult lives, when the inner score isn’t as obvious to those outside, when life’s challenges and burdens are often dealt with in silence, when the adult world somehow outgrows encouragement and support at the exact time that we honestly probably need it the most.

Encouragement and support have no age restrictions.

Blessed are the cheerleaders, the ones who care enough to ask, who know that at times we’re not strong enough to ask. Blessed are the ones who check in, who listen, who we can count on to gently stop our emotional spirals and help us to regain our footing.

I am ever grateful for those on the sidelines of my life.

I hear you.

I see you.

I got you.

There is such a beautiful perfection when humans take care of each other.

Who’s got you?

Who do you got?

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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